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Laurel is a third class municipality in the province of BatangasPhilippines. Laurel was previously part of Talisay, its current neighbor town. The town was previously known as Bayuyungan. On May 25, 1961, the town of Talisay was divided into two municipalities, and the new town was renamed Laurel after Miguel Laurel, known as the first Laurel in the Philippines and a longtime patriarch of the place. According to the latest census, it has a population of 34,953 people in 5,153 households.

Laurel's main economic source is fish culture in Taal Lake where most of local residents base their trade.

Small rice paddies on the foothills of Taal canyon ridge provide for ricefields to farmers.

The town's vast land resource provide ideal location for real estate developers such as Megaworld and Fil-Estate which are mostly based in Metro Manila. Among the major real estate subdivisions located in Barangay San Gregorio are Canyon Woods and Twin Lakes. It is providing major revenue source for the local government as evidenced by its newly-built municipal hall.


Laurel is politically subdivided into 21 barangays.

1.    As-Is

2.    Balakilong

3.    Berinayan

4.    Bugaan East

5.    Bugaan West

6.    Buso-buso

7.    Dayap Itaas

8.    Gulod

9.    Leviste

10.  Molinete

11.  Niyugan

12.  Paliparan

13.  Barangay 1 (Pob.)

14.  Barangay 2 (Pob.)

15.  Barangay 3 (Pob.)

16.  Barangay 4 (Pob.)

17.  Barangay 5 (Pob.)

18.  San Gabriel

19.  San Gregorio

20.  Santa Maria

21.  Ticub


MAYOR:                RANDY JAMES E. AMO



                              ANGELITO M. RODRIGUEZ

                              VINCENT D. ENDAYA

                              ROMULO P. MACARAIG

                              MARIVIC A. MAYUGA

                              MARVIN M. VERGARA    

                              REGINA E. LANDICHO

                              ANDREO M. LANDICHO


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