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Known as the “Industrial Port City of CALABARZON” and classified as one of the most competitive citiess in the country today and the home of approximately 324,116 peace-loving, hospitable and hard working inhabitants. It was proclaimed as a City on July 23,1969 which became the accelerating point of trading, commercial and industrial activities in the locality. The city is presently classified as a Regional Growth Center and identified as one of the sites for the Regional Agro-Industrial Center and Special Economic Zone as mandated by the Medium Term Philippine Development Plan and the Ecozone Act of 1995. This capital city is one of the nation’s top revenue earning cities and the site of one of the biggest refineries in the Philippines. The city is also hosting the first three power plants using natural gas with a combined capacity of 2,700MW. It is located approximately 108.00 kiometers south of Manila.

The city’s fine harbor was declared as an International Port and an alternate port of Manila. The city is the land of historical places, of fresh fruits and marine resourcesand of great opportunities for social and economic advancement.

The City of Batangas is a coastal city lying in a covelike shape at the southeastern portion of Batangas Province and geographically situated at coordinates 13 degrees, 45 minutes and 25.96 seconds north latitude and 121 degrees, 3 minutes and 29.2 seconds east longitude. It is bounded on the northwest by the municipality of San Pascual; on the north by the municipality of San Jose; on the east by the municipalities of Ibaan, Taysan and Lobo; and on the south by the Batangas Bay.

Batangas City, the capital of Batangas Province has a total land area of approximately 27,633.26 hectares. It is approximately 112.00 kilometers away from Manila and can be traveled by land for 2½ hours and by water for eight (8) hours. The city is almost equidistant from Batanes in the north and Jolo in the south.


1.     Barangay 1

2.     Barangay 2

3.     Barangay 3

4.     Barangay 4

5.     Barangay 5

6.     Barangay 6

7.     Barangay 7

8.     Barangay 8

9.     Barangay 9

10.  Barangay 10

11.  Barangay 11

12.  Barangay 12

13.  Barangay 13

14.  Barangay 14

15.  Barangay 15

16.  Barangay 16

17.  Barangay 17

18.  Barangay 18

19.  Barangay 19

20.  Barangay 20

21.  Barangay 21

22.  Barangay 22

23.  Barangay 23

24.  Barangay 24

25.  Alangilan

26.  Balagtas

27.  Balete

28.  Banaba Center

29.  Banaba West

30.  Banaba East

31.  Banaba South

32.  Bilogo

33.  Bolbok

34.  Bucal

35.  Calicanto

36.  Catandala

37.  Concepcion

38.  Conde Itaas

39.  Conde Labac

40.  Cumba

41.  Cuta

42.  Dalig

43.  Dela Paz West

44.  Dela Paz Pulot Aplaya

45.  Dela Paz Pulot Itaas

46.  Dumuclay

47.  Dumantay

48.  Gulod Itaas

49.  Gulod Labac

50.  Haligue West

51.  Haligue East

52.  Ilijan

53.  Kumintang Ibaba

54.  Kumintang Ilaya

55.  Libjo

56.  Liponpon, Verde Island

57.  Maapaz

58.  Mahabang Dahilig

59.  Mahabang Parang

60.  Mahacot East

61.  Mahacot West

62.  Malalim

63.  Malibayo

64.  Malitam

65.  Maruclap

66.  Mabacong

67.  Pagkilatan

68.  Paharang West

69.  Paharang East

70.  Pallocan West

71.  Pallocan East

72.  Pinamucan Ibaba

73.  Pinamucan West

74.  Pinamucan East

75.  Sampaga

76.  San Agapito, Verde Island

77.  San Agustin West, Verde Island

78.  San Agustin East, Verde Island

79.  San Andres, Verde Island

80.  San Antonio, Verde Island

81.  San Isidro

82.  San Jose Sico

83.  San Miguel

84.  San Pascual

85.  San Pedro

86.  Santa Clara

87.  Santa Rita Aplaya

88.  Santa Rita Karsada

89.  Santo Domingo

90.  Santo Niño

91.  Simlong

92.  Sirang Lupa

93.  Sorosoro Ibaba

94.  Sorosoro Ilaya

95.  Sorosoro Karsada

96.  Tabangao Aplaya

97.  Tabangao Ambulong

98.  Tabangao Dao

99.  Talahib Pandayan

100. Talahib Payapa

101.Talumpok Kanluran

102. Talumpok Silangan

103. Tingga Itaas

104. Tingga Labac

105. Tulo


MAYOR:                 EDUARDO B. DIMACUHA



                              MARIA CLAUDETTE U. AMBIDA

                              HAMILTON G. BLANCO

                              AILEEN GRACE A. MONTALBO

                              SERGIE REX M. ATIENZA

                              ARMANDO C. LAZARTE

                              ALYSSA RENEE A. CRUZ

                              GERARDO A. DELA ROCA

                              MARIA KRISTINE JOSEFINA G. BALMES

                              JULIAN B. VILLENA



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The Provincial Government of Batangas joins the whole world in celebrating Earth Hour 2015 on March 28, 2015, Saturday. Switch off your lights from 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM. We are asking for everyone's cooperation and participation.

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